Giving Back to the Community with Bookshelf Builders

  • Company News, Team Building
  • Posted 6 months ago

In 2023, our sister company Stawi Experiences took team building to new heights with Bookshelf Builders, a creative experience that combines the best of two worlds – team building and charity.

Books help children visualize a better world, by immersing them in a world beyond theirs. It is not just about reading; it’s about empowering young minds, expanding their imagination, and opening unlimited possibilities for their future. When children dive into stories that transport them to different places and ideas, it sparks their creativity, helps them dream big, and shows them a world of endless opportunities. 

In this engaging experience, each team decorates their bookshelf by designing and painting it, and then with the help of Stawi’s wood experts they embark on the assembly process. They then buy story books and resource books, stock the bookshelves with books, and donate them to an institution of their client’s choice.  

 In 2023 Stawi Experiences inspired two memorable Bookshelf Builders events – joining forces with Roche and PMI, and together, they created VISIBLE IMPACT. With a total of 500 participants, they crafted 50 bookshelves and donated a staggering 7,500 books to five schools and Institutions within Nairobi. And impacted the lives of over 2,800 primary school students. 

Together, Stawi continues to prove that team building isn’t just about building chemistry but impacting lives positively. So, join Stawi Experiences and let us build more than bookshelves; let’s build a brighter future for Africa, one book at a time. Together, we can make a difference.