Bookshelf Builders

Bookshelf Builders is a great activity for teams to enjoy a fun and engaging team building experience but also give back to children in need. Teams split up and take up different roles ā€“ one part of your team learns carpentry putting the bookshelf together, while the other paints a themed mural on the backboard. They then come together to put finishing touches on the bookshelf and add their individual and team personalities.

Your team will not only learn a new skill (carpentry and decoration on wood) but also experience the joy of giving by helping those in need. We usually recommend filling the shelves with books (story and curriculum approved) and having the team hand the finished shelves and books to the school, hospital, or childrenā€™s home. Books are a great way of helping children open their minds to the endless possibilities that the world has to offer ā€“ and you and your team play an important role in helping them dream and visit different worlds.

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