A kibanda in Kenya is a small and informal restaurant where individuals have breakfast, mid morning tea and lunch. In this engaging culinary experience your teams learn how to prepare a variety of traditional and authentic Kenyan meals. They explore different traditional foods, brush up kitchen skills, and bond with one another. Your team starts off with assembling their Kibanda and decorating it, and then settle to prepare breakfast and then lunch. The grand finale has teams sharing the meals they have created.

This is a great team building event for teams that want to explore intrapreneurship, brainstorming techniques, branding, and startups. Kibandaski is a fun, hands-on, and engaging team building activity that helps teams appreciate what goes on in a successful brand. And explore how they can apply intrapreneurship values like problem-solving, thinking out of the box, autonomy, resource management, bootstrapping in their everyday jobs and roles.

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