Kids Factory

Toys help children learn to be creative, think out of the box, be playful and play well with others. And this team building activity helps your team give back, learn how to assemble toys, and the skills and processes behind toy production. So clearly it’s the best of two worlds! We start with your team receiving a resource kit full of wooden parts that will be assembled to create wooden toys and blueprints and design instructions to help along the process.

To succeed your team will need to take stock of the resources they have, allocate responsibilities, form a production line, establish quality control, and then creatively decorate the boxes and notes that the toys will be delivered with. This is a great end-of-year activity as many companies like to give back during Christmas but can still be facilitated any time of the year – as we say the best time to give is when your heart prompts you to. As with all our charity and CSR activities the penultimate activity is where you and your team come together to hand over the toys to the children in need.

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