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Sarara Camp

The Ultimate Camping Retreat!


About Sarara Camp

Nestled in the breathtaking Matthews Range, Sarara Camp beckons with an extraordinary safari experience, where a harmonious blend of luxury and untamed wilderness awaits. Six exquisitely designed en-suite tents boast awe-inspiring views that stretch as far as the eye can see, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the grandeur of nature. Each tent pampers visitors with solar-heated outdoor showers, adding an eco-conscious touch to the indulgence. As the first rays of dawn gently paint the horizon, a thoughtful butler box discreetly delivers morning tea, coffee, and cookies, awakening the senses to the promise of another extraordinary day in the wild.

Sarara Camp’s allure extends beyond the tents, offering an enchanting retreat for families in the form of the magnificent Sarara House. With two spacious bedrooms, a private plunge pool, and a charming sitting room, guests revel in exclusive comfort and intimacy, surrounded by the wilderness’s untouched beauty. However, what truly sets Sarara Camp apart are its exceptional elephant encounters. The elephants, frequent visitors to the house pool, create magical moments of wonder and connection, bringing guests into their world with astonishing closeness. As the day unfolds, a symphony of wildlife parades through the camp’s waterhole and footpaths, showcasing the likes of reticulated giraffes, majestic buffalos, elusive leopards, and the captivating dance of wild dogs. Sarara Camp is an oasis of serenity and untamed allure, an invitation to surrender to the rhythm of the wilderness and revel in nature’s timeless embrace.


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