Planning a Successful Team Building 

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  • Posted 8 months ago

A successful team-building event fosters meaningful connections and leads to the achievement of desired outcomes for a long time. Planning is crucial for a successful team-building event as it allows careful consideration of each member’s preferences and ensures activities cater to the team’s unique dynamics. Thoughtful preparation contributes to lasting positive outcomes beyond the event and aids in determining a fitting budget for the desired experience.

If you have attended a team building but never planned it or are unaware of locations and what they offer, let’s explore the key steps for planning a successful team-building event together. 

Understand your Team’s Dynamics 

Before diving in, it’s important to determine the current dynamics of your team. Consider factors such as team size, communication styles, and existing challenges. You also need to understand the teambuilding personality of your team since it will affect the type of activity you choose.  In our experience, we’ve identified five distinct Team Building Personalities: The Explorers, The Creatives, The Big Hearts, The Learners and Thinkers, and The Fitness Junkies. Read more about team building personalities here

Set Clear Outcomes 

Once you determine the needs and teambuilding personality, it is time to set clear outcomes or objectives for your teambuilding activity. Whether it’s enhancing communication, fostering collaboration, or boosting morale, having specific goals will guide your planning and help measure the success of the event. To make the lessons memorable, we advise you to select just two outcomes or as few outcomes as possible. 

Our team building partner and sister company Stawi Experiences does it differently. Stawi approaches all client inquiries as a blank canvas. Before diving into the planning, we have a team building brief that provides valuable insights into to client’s goals, challenges, and expectations for their team building event to ensure an outcome-based team-building experience. 

Select Team Building Activities and Venue 

Bookshelf Builders Team Building
Bookshelf Builders

The next step is to choose the right activities by considering your goals, team preferences, and diverse personalities. Our platform, Tuziidi, simplifies this process by categorizing team experiences into collections based on your objectives and personality types. If you’re on a limited budget, we offer a Budget Friendly collection for you to pick from. 

Team Building Venue
Photo Courtesy of Capella Resort Elementaita

Once you’ve chosen your team-building activity, the next step is to find an ideal location. Consider a place that suits the selected activities and is convenient for all team members. Tuziidi has close to 300 experiences, and we’ve organized them into a carousel for quick selection. You can decide on both the location and team experience within 20 minutes. 

Team Building Debrief after the Event  

Team Building Debrief

After the event, collect feedback from team members to understand both successful aspects and areas for improvement. Use this information to guide your planning for the next team-building event. For continuous improvement, assess the impact of the event on team dynamics by tracking changes in the outcomes set during the planning process. 

If you are interested in planning an outcome-based team-building event feel free to contact our sister company and team-building partner Stawi Experiences for a free consultatio and look through other services we offer.